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Greetings From Nantucket

Off the coast of Massachusetts is, dare I say, my favorite place on Earth. Nantucket Island is the coastal destination that epitomizes what summer living is all about (at least in my opinion). I first visited Nantucket during the summer of 2017 and I fell in love immediately. There is just something special in the air there. The water is so clean, the flowers are by the plentiful, and the streets are infused with a deep history and a strong culture.

Nantucket Views

Since my initial visit I have visited two more times and I still feel as though there's more to see and do. But that's the beauty of it. For a small island, it's not short of opportunities. Although there will always be more for me to explore, I'll take you through what I have experienced in case you feel inspired to take the trip for yourself!


The beaches of Nantucket are all gorgeous and have their unique qualities so you can honestly fill your days exploring them and kicking back with friends and family. But if you need a break from the sun and surf, here is a list of things you can do beyond the beach:

  • "Turtle Pond" is the perfect pit stop on your way to dinner at Millie's. Pull over and walk out onto the dock with some crackers or bread to feed the turtles during sunset. You can get some awesome pictures and it's a nice way to get energy out of kids before sitting down for dinner.

  • The Wauwinet is a luxury resort on Nantucket that is home to a beautiful, wide lawn overlooking the ocean. While I've never stayed there, my family has dropped in many times to grab a cocktail and enjoy the view. It's a breathtaking spot that will make you want to delay your ferry home.

  • Cisco Brewery is relaxed fun for the whole fam! The vibe and energy are great the second you walk in. There's live music, food trucks, an oyster boat bar, and signature Cisco drinks. My favorite Cisco brews are Summer Ray's and Shark Tracker, but their sangria never disappoints either!

  • Bartlett's Farm is Nantucket's largest and oldest family-owned farm. You can find fresh produce, homemade breakfast sandwiches, last-minute beach toys for the kids, and even an on-site playground for them to play while you shop. I highly recommend taking a few of the dharma yoga classes above the market. The class got me into yoga and the view of the gardens will bring you zen before you even begin.

  • Brant Point Lighthouse is a Nantucket landmark. Head over there to take some pictures and get a true feel for the island's history and culture.

  • Clark Cove is my best Nantucket hidden secret. If you're able to rent one of the island's many Jeep Wrangler's you should absolutely drive to this lesser-known beach escape. The views are what I'd describe as heavenly and the drive out truly immerses you into the island's gorgeous environment.

  • Exploring downtown Nantucket can take up a full day in itself. There are endless shops you can browse and restaurants you can dine. Stroll down the cobblestones of Main Street to find the best island apparel, the Whaling Museum, art galleries, book stores, antique shops, and more.


If you like fresh seafood then this is the place for you. Nantucket has a great mix of fine dining and casual flip-flop type stop-ins, but you'll truly enjoy culinary excellence almost anywhere you go.

  • Galley Beach is what vacation goals are made of. My personal tip is to score a table or seating area out on the beach, grab a drink, and order some appetizers. I had my first oyster here and it was excellent!

  • Millie's is a perfect spot to bring the whole family. Their menu is extensive and they have table games for kids. They have a good mix of seafood and more traditional American food in case the whole gang isn't into fish.

  • Cru is your more upscale island dining moment. It's on the expensive side but you will have some of the best seafood dishes of your life here. Plus it's kind of fun to dress up and enjoy an amazing meal on vacation.

  • Fusaro's is the Italian hole in the wall that every destination needs. The food is all fresh, homemade, and delicious. It will leave you feeling full to the brim in the best kind of way.

  • Walter's Deli is one of the first spots right off of the ferry. I grabbed one of the best sandwiches of my life there as I was leaving the island and they also make a mean lobster roll at a reasonable price. Who doesn't love a good sandwich with their beach day?

  • 167 Raw Nantucket is a seafood market on the way to Cisco Beach. It's perfect if you need to pick up some ceviche as a beach snack, or buy fish by the pound to grill up for dinner. They also have a wide range of meats and oysters.

  • The Downy Flake is the sweetest breakfast nook on the island. You can walk in to pick up donuts for the fam, or sit down to enjoy your classic diner breakfast. It's a sure way to start a great day.

Nantucket has brought my family some of our most favorite and cherished memories. Everywhere you go on the island has something special about it and by the time you're headed home and discussing your peaks of the trip, you won't be able to choose just one.


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